Managing Agile team capacity


StarTeam Agile Capacity Planning

Capacity planning in StarTeam Agile allows you to configure resources at an individual level.   Agile team members can set availability per Project and per Sprint.  Using the capacity planning functionality allows the Agile Team to track progress via the Burndown chart and Sprint plan more efficiently.

Default Capacity

Default capacity (hours) for an Agile Project can now be set for Agile users. 

Firstly for the capacity to be defined the Agile team needs to be configured.  To complete this select your desired Project from the dropdown list and “Edit Project | Manage Team”.  Create your Agile Team.


Diagram:  Configuring your Agile Team.


To set your Agile Project Capacity, navigate to your User Profile page.  In the Project section 30 hours has been allocated per sprint as default.  Every new sprint created thereafter will assume the original capacity set. 


Diagram:  Hour’s the Administrator has been allocated per sprints.


Override Capacity per Sprint

Users can override allocated capacity on a Sprint by Sprint basis, to compensate for any changes.


Diagram:  Overriding allocated hours per Sprint


Capacity indicator within Tasks Creation

If capacity is set, the Task Owner list now includes an indicator listing if the user you are assigning the task has available hours (green) or if the user is over capacity (red).


Diagram:  Agile user has working hours available.



.Diagram:  Agile user is over set capacity level.


Capacity Chart within People Filter (Teamboard)

Within the Teamboard View the capacity level for the Agile Team can be tracked by selecting the Filter button. The capacity progress bar indicates the percentage of available hours has been used.  Blue indicates the user is within capacity and if the indicator is Red it indicates percentage user is over capacity.


Diagram:  Capacity progress bar.


If you hover over the capacity progress bar, StarTeam Agile displays an insight tool tip with both capacity (Percentage and hours details) and involvement (Percentage and points details) data to show the user’s workload and how much of the sprint is dependent upon them.


Diagram:  Administrators involvement\ capacity within Sprint


Insight Team Burndown and Individual Burndown Capacity Lines

The Teamboard Insight option allows Burndown to be tracked at both Team and Individual level.  In addition it also displays an extra indicator to represent the team and user capacity set for the sprint.

Note, that the capacity indicator in the Burndown charts change color accordingly with the allocation. (blue if effort is under capacity, red if the effort is over capacity)

Diagram:  Insight into Sprint


Teamboard Task Cards Over Capacity Indicator

When Tasks are assigned to a user that is over capacity, the task cards show the owner label as red.  [Displayed in the diagram below]


Diagram:  Hovering over a task card with an owner over capacity, the hover will contain an indicator explaining how many hours over capacity the owner is.

The red indicators allows the Agile Team to visualize where they are going wrong in terms of capacity planning and this information will be important when discussing Sprint Planning.




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