Unable to Receive Email Notification for Projects Configured with Workflow Extensions



Unable to Receive Email Notification for Projects Configured with Workflow Extensions


Product Information

  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 and above
  • Product Component: StarTeam Extensions
  • Platform/OS Version: All


    Email notification sent via the StarTeam Notification Agent is not received by some of the extension projects.


    Email notifications might not be received due to various reasons. Below is a possible list of solutions for this problem:

    1. Check the Projects and StarFlow Extensions configuration. When custom forms and workflows are stored in the StarTeam repository, they must be stored in specific projects and folders. The project in which the workflows and APE forms are to be used and the folder in which they are stored must have the same name. Refer to the diagram below.

    2. Check the Server Inactivity Timeout against the Notification Agent Minimum and Maximum Polling Periods. Check if the setting for Inactivity Timeout is checked. If it is, ensure that the Minimum Polling Period and Maximum Polling Period settings are smaller than the server"s Inactivity Timeout setting. The Server Inactivity Timeout setting is viewable from Server Administration > Tools > Administration > Configure Server > General Tab.
    3. Check that the relevant User Groups has sufficient access rights to the Project or View that has been configured to receive the email notifications.

    Additionally, the following steps may assist in debugging and identifying the area that is causing the problem:

    1. It might be helpful to prepare a table which summarizes which projects, views, type names and user groups that are unable to generate the email notifications:
      Project View Type Name User Groups Receiving Email Notification
      Project1 Project1 View1 Requirement Application Development Yes
      Project1 Project1 View2 Requirement Application Development Yes
      Project1 Project1 View3 Requirement Application Development No

      Identify if the problem is localized to specific projects, views, type names and user groups. Review in detail the specific. In the table above it is clear that the possible problem area would be the view, specifically Project1 View3. Once the specific problem area has been identified, review it in detail.

    2. Check that the workflows have been configured and setup correctly. As email notifications are generated from specific steps in the workflow, review the steps in the workflows.
    3. If only certain users are not receiving email notification, review the email address configuration, mailbox configuration and also user permissions settings for the User Groups.
    4. Check if the users could receive normal emails from the email server used for sending out notification emails. If users could not even receive normal emails from the server, choose a different server for sending out the notification emails.

    Author: CK Fong

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