Backlog Hierarchical View


When creating story lines for feature sets, Product Managers tend to start with the big picture and add details as the picture of what they want becomes clearer. When a story for a feature or enhancement is too big to be completed in one sprint, the Product Manager will start a theme story or Epic. Stories that are related to that theme or epic will be nested under the parent story. The hierarchical view allows the Product Manager and Scrum Team to view the bigger picture as they create the feature or enhancement.

Clicking the gear symbol to the right of a story in the Hierarchical view allows you to:

  • Edit the story
  • Breakdown the story
  • Insert a new story
  • Delete the story
  • Submit story to an Info Stream

An arrow on the left of a story will indicate that child stories are nested under the parent story. Click the arrow to expand the tree to show the child stories. The parent story will not appear in the Ranking view because it isn't actionable. Only the child stories are actionable and will appear in the Ranking view.

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