Server log is hung on purge Audit table, server won"t start



Server log is hung on purge Audit table, server won"t start


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005R2
  • Product Component: server
  • Platform/OS Version: All

In the Audit tab of the Configure Server component of the server administration console, "Purge audits older than 90 (or however many days your entered) days" check box is selected. This will cause the server to purge the Audit table at the next configuration startup. The purge is taking a very long time and your server will not start until the purge is finished.

Stop the "starting" configuration. Do one of two things:
1. Manually truncate or purge the Audit table so the purge will not take as long on the next startup
2. Change the value of the F23 column in the S0 table in the database to 0. This value corresponds to the number of days back you are purging the database. When this option is not selected in the Configure Server dialog, the value is 0. If you manually set the value to zero, this is the same as deselecting the option in the Configure Server dialog, which you cannot do if the server is not running.

Author: Levi Bowman

Old KB# 27890
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