StarTeam STE : NotificationAgent5



StarTeam STE : NotificationAgent5


Patch #5 for 5.3 ? 6.0.059 StarTeam Notification Agent
Build 6.0.061

Installation instructions

Install NotificationAgent6.exe (this is a full product installation).

Copy *.nac files from a previous release StarTeam Notification installation folder if it exists to the new 6.0 installation folder. This will restore the configurations for use with the 6.0 StarTeam Notification Agent.


  1. Adds the ability to Notification Agent to be able to be setup for just outgoing mail so no connection to an incoming mailbox is needed. The Mail Store Address (Incoming) edit box should be set to blank in the Notification Agent Setup dialog to accomplish this. Data will still need to be included in the Notification Agent?s Configuration dialog for the Incoming mailbox and password, but these values will be ignored.

    When neither the Mail Store Address (Incoming) nor the HTTP Server Address are specified, the notification e-mail will include the following by default:

    This item is located in view in project .Please use StarTeam to assign the responsibility for this item to yourself. You may not have been the only person notified that this item needs attention. If someone else has already accepted responsibility for this item at this step, you may not need to.
    Followed by fields in the component item.

    The following is also included in patch #28

  2. Resolves the issue where accepting or declining the responsibility for a component item would produce the following error:?A view can only be modified from its current configuration.?

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