The specified configuration could not be loaded. The upgrade has been aborted



This error can occur when attempting to run "Actions | Upgrade" when upgrading to StarTeam 12.0 or later


StarTeam 12.0 and later uses a "DSNLess" configuration. In order to upgrade to 12.0 or later, StarTeam must convert the DSN details into StarTeam native connection information in "starteam-server-configs.xml"

When presented with the error above, this information can be entered manually.

  1. Take a backup of "starteam-server-configs.xml" in the StarTeam installation directory
  2. Open the file ina text editor
  3. Locate the section for the configuration being upgraded
  4. Add the element "ISServerNameDSN" and set the value to 0 as follows:

    <option name="IsServerNameDSN" value="0"/>
  5. Add the element "TwelveDot0Config" and set the value to 1 as follows:

     <option name="TwelveDot0Config" value="1"/>
  6. Edit the element "DBServerName", set the value to the hostname and instance name of your database, for example:

    <option name="DBServerName" value="localhost\SSE2005_ST"/> 
  7. For Oracle based databases only, also add and populate the following three elements as per your Oracle environment settings:

    <option name="DBPort" value=""/>
    <option name="DBServiceName" value=""/>
    <option name="DBSID" value=""/>

    If in doubt regarding these values, consult your Oracle DBA.
  8. Re-attempt the upgrade, the upgrade will now proceed.

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