What causes the number of "Stray Archives" to increase when running Vault Verify?



What causes the number of "Stray Archives" to increase when running Vault Verify?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: All
  • Product Component: Vault Verify
  • Platform/OS Version: All

This can occur when one or more StarTeam configurations are using the same archive locations. Therefore, changes to one configuration will appear invalid to the tool when any archive utility (such as Vault Verify, or ReportArchives) runs against that configuration. Each time Vault Verify runs, it is most likely detecting and identifying check-ins to other configurations as "stray" and this value will increase regularly.

It is necessary that each configuration has its own unique location for the Repository and Archive and cache folders. This ensures that any updates to other configurations will not affect the contents of these folders. This is essential to avoid data corruption, because if any of the "fix" options are passed to Vault Verify, then these incorrectly identified stray files could be permanently removed from the Repository.

Unfortunately, if the configurations are sharing the Archive and Cache locations, there is no immediate solution. Generally, StarTeam will continue to work under normal circumstances, but it will be advisable to try to resolve this as soon as possible.

The first action is to ensure that, as mentioned above, no repair options are executed against any configurations. Secondly, in order to attempt to restore the Repository, you will have to enlist the assistance of Borland Consultancy to separate the Archive & Cache information.

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