ERROR: Error in loading the workflow xml file null.



ERROR: Error in loading the workflow xml file null.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Web Edition 5.3
  • StarTeam 5.x Enterprise Advantage


This problem occurs when a user tries to open/edit/create a custom alternate property editor (i.e. Change Request) from Web Edition 5.3. It is complaining that it is unable to load the custom workflow which usually gets checked out to the Web Application\Temp folder.



When launching the custom workflow from Web Edition, it tries to check out the xml files to the Temp folder of the Web Application. If you go to IIS manager, look for the StarTeam virtual folder under "Default WebSites" and under this folder is a Temp folder where it checks out the xml files to. Usually, there are two reasons why the file cannot be checked out to this location. Either the user does not have rights to check out from StarTeam (StarFlow Extensions Project) or the user does not have rights to write to the Temp folder (IIS permission issue). In most cases, it is a problem with the access rights in StarTeam. To make sure you have the proper rights granted, log into the StarFlow Extensions project and make sure to grant "All Users" or Groups/Individuals the following 3 rights under the Files tab.

  • See file and its properties
  • See file history
  • Check out file

Please also review the Kbase document titled: "How to Setup Access Rights on the StarFlow Extensions Project.htm".

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