ERROR: You have reached the maximum number of licenses?



ERROR: You have reached the maximum number of licenses?


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x
  • All Supported Operating Systems


The error "You have reached the maximum number of licenses?" can occur if the server detects no licenses available for the user ID that you are trying to sign into StarTeam Client with.


When you enter new keys into StarTeam you need to restart your server, this will apply the new licensing schema to StarTeam and make any new licenses purchased available to the user base.

In the case of Concurrent (floating) Licensing, the licenses will automatically be available. If you get the error you will have to Force log-off any users that are not currently using StarTeam, or if this does not help, you may need to restart the StarTeam server application (or service).

In the case of Fixed (named) licenses for 5.1 and 5.2 the licenses will be applied to the users from the top of the list down. If you have more listed users than fixed (named) licenses, you will need to go into StarTeam"s User Manager through the StarTeam Client and apply the licenses to those users that are supposed to receive these licenses. As of StarTeam 5.3, StarTeam no longer automatically assigns fixed (named) licenses to the users, you will have to manually apply licenses to the users that will be using them.

You can apply fixed licenses to a user ID by right-mouse clicking their ID in the User Manager and selecting the menu option to "apply fixed license".

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