How do I see my Tasks mapped out by deadline?



How do I see my Tasks mapped out by deadline?


You can see your Tasks by Deadline in both the Outline and Calendar views. To use the Calendar view:

  1. Click the New Calendar toolbar button to open a calendar view.
  2. Switch to either the day or week view by double-clicking on the appropriate day's title bar.

When looking at the Day view, your timed tasks are listed in the main section on the left, while your tasks are listed in the Other Items section on the right. Only the tasks with a deadline of the given day are listed.

When looking at the week view, the tasks are listed after all the timed tasks for the given date.

You can also see your tasks mapped by deadline in the outline view. Once you have a list of the tasks you are interested in, you can easily add a column that displays the Deadline:

  1. Click on the New Outline toolbar button.
  2. Right-click the untitled heading and choose New Query.
  3. In the Types list, click Task.
  4. In the second list, click and drag the Date due field to the lower gray window.
  5. Click OK and enter a name for the new query.
  6. Click OK again to attach the query to the outline header.
  7. Right-click the new outline header and choose Set Columns. The Header Properties dialog box appears.
  8. On the Columns tab, click Add.
  9. In the Types list on the left, select Task.
  10. Double-click Date Due in the Fields list on the right.
  11. Adjust the Weight, Min, and Max fields as appropriate.
  12. Click OK to add the new column.
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