Created On:  04 November 2010


What features are included with StarTeam Express Edition?


StarTeam 2009 Release 2 (R2) Express Edition is a free version of StarTeam with the following features:
  • A license for 10 named users to be used on StarTeam 2009 Release 2 Server for Windows
  • The Cross-Platform Client 2009 on all supported platforms.
  • Support for all file, change request, task, and topic features, except that Express has no customization feature. The customization feature would allow the creation of custom properties for each item type, rename properties, and enumerated values to existing properties.
  • Support for custom property editors made with Layout Designer, to rearrange the properties and hide the properties that are not used
  • Built-in workflow for change requests
  • Use of StarTeamMPX Message Brokers to push data to the clients from the server for performance improvements
  • Access to StarTeam integrations for SCC, Microsoft Visual Studio, HP Quality Centre and StarTeam Eclipse client

StarTeam Express does not include access to maintenance and support. If you require an evaluation of StarTeam, with a view to purchase, please download the evaluation version of StarTeam