How to perform a live backup of Starteam



How to perform a live backup of Starteam


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Starteam 5.1 through 5.4
  • All supported Windows platforms


This method describes a fast convenient safe way to perform a live back up of Starteam while it is "live".


Backup steps:

Issue a command line statement to lock the server at a decided time via a scheduled task. Create and use a user that has the server access rights to View System Configuration, Modify System Configuration and Remotely Administer Server. From Server Administration, click the Access Rights button. Add the user to the list box and set these access rights.

stcmd server-mode -s ":@:" -q -x -mode lock

Once the StarTeam Server is locked:

  1. Start the backup of the repository database. Special care should be taken to make sure that the server is locked when the database is backed up if the database is running on a separate machine than the StarTeam Server.
  2. Use a product to clone the repository ?Vault\Archive? and ?Attachment? folders and the ?starbaseserver.ini? or "starteam-server-configs.xml" file from the StarTeam Server installation folder to another location. A product that we have heard that works for this purpose would be FolderClone ( We are unable to offer any advice about using FolderClone, but the reports back from the customers that have used it is that it works well for this purpose. It will produce an exact copy of the originals quickly based upon the file timestamps. If you use this product, be sure to place a shortcut to ?folderclone.exe? in the ?C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup? folder so that the application will automatically restart when the machine is restarted.

Once both of these processes have completed, the StarTeam Server can be unlocked via a scheduled task. You?ll want to time these processes to make sure that you leave enough time for these processes to complete before unlocking the server.

stcmd server-mode -s ":@:" -q -x -mode unlock

Start the backup of the cloned locations and the database backup to tape.

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