Setting up a Defect Info Stream


If you have projects in StarTeam and are using to track defects, you can set up an info stream to easily transfer them to StarTeam Agile.

Note: It is possible to set up info streams from multiple backlogs. However, you can only have one info stream for Requirements and one for Defects because they are streamed from the project files within StarTeam.

  1. Click the curvy arrow symbol in the top right menu. The Info Stream Management panel will open.
  2. Click New Info Stream if this is the first info stream or the gear symbol in the top right of the Info Stream Management panel to select New Info Stream. The Set Up Info Stream dialogue opens.
  3. On the right side of the dialogue, select Defects then click Next. The Set Up Defects Info Stream dialogue opens.
  4. Under Select a query, select the appropriate query from the drop down options. The query options will changed based upon the StarTeam configurations. These fields are set in StarTeam and reflected in StarTeam Agile. Options could include:
    1. Priority - Import defects based on priority level.
    2. Status - Import defects based on status, such as Open or Verified.
    3. Type - Import defects based on type, such as suggestion, defect, or customer request
  5. (Optional) Select any primary or secondary description properties to filter defects coming into your backlog. Available properties are displayed in the drop down menus.
  6. Click Finish. The imported defects will appear in the InBox of the Info Stream panel. You can page through the various info streams using the drop down menu at the top of the panel.

Use the gear symbols to the right of each item in the info stream to accept or reject items for your backlog. See Managing Items via Info Streams for more information on accepting and rejecting stories into your backlog.

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