Managing Items via Info Streams


Once you have Info Streams set up, you will have backlog items that are being sent to and from your backlog. You will need to approve these actions to make them permanent. Notifications of new stories submitted to your backlog will appear in your Streams Inbox, located on the toolbar in the upper right corner of the window.

You have the option to accept or reject items sent to or from your backlog via Info Streams. The items are managed in the Streams Management Panel which is composed of three areas:

  • Streams Inbox Tab - Incoming items from configured streams. Use the drop down menu to page through the info streams.
  • Streams Outbox Tab - Outgoing items to other projects that use your backlog as an info stream.

For each item, you have the following options:

  • To move items from the Streams Inbox to the backlog, select the gear symbol next to the story in the inbox then click Accept.
  • To reject an item, click the gear symbol and select Reject. A dialogue window will appear allowing you to add notes about the reason for the rejection. .
  • Selecting the gear symbol at the top of the Streams Management panel will allow you to perform the following actions for multiple shared stories at the Inbox or Outbox level:
    • Inbox - Accept selected or Reject selected
    • Outbox - Resubmit selected or Retract Selected

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