How do I switch from using SCC integration to StarTeam 2008 for Visual Studio 2005 Integration?



How do I switch from using SCC integration to StarTeam 2008 for Visual Studio 2005 Integration?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2008
  • Product Component: Integration for Visual Studio 2005
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows

To switch over to using Borland StarTeam Integration from the SCC integration, you must first un-bind your Visual Studio solution from the SCC integration.

You can tell if you are using the SCC integration if the "StarTeam" menu option (shown below) is not visible on the Visual Studio toolbar.

Visual Studio toolbar with StarTeam option

If you simply change to Borland Source Control Provider using


the next time you open the project /solution it will revert to the SCC integration, you must "un-bind" the project/ Solution from the SCC integration first.

SCC Project in source

To un-bind your solution from the SCC integration follow these steps,

  1. Ensure that the SCC toolbar is visible (some of the options required are not permitted from the context menus)

    SCC toolbar

  2. If this toolbar is not visible, select VIEW | TOOLBARS | SOURCE CONTROL from the Visual Studio main menu.
  3. Press the CHANGE SOURCE CONTROL button on this toolbar – a screen similar to the following will appear.
  4. Highlight the solution and all projects, and press the UNBIND button – you will be warned that after this operation you will no longer be able to access source control. Press UNBIND to continue.

    SCC Bindings (unbound)

  5. Press OK to close the window and you will notice your solution/project no longer displays any source control icons.

    SCC Project Not In Source

This shows your solution and each of your projects, and the StarTeam Server that it is "bound" to. You are now ready to "bind" the association of your project/solution to the Borland StarTeam Integration.

  1. Close your solution & projects within Visual Studio.


  3. Choose BORLAND STARTEAM SOURCE CONTROL PROVIDER from the drop-down. You will notice that "StarTeam" now appears in the Visual Studio toolbar.

  4. Re-open your project using FILE |OPEN PROJECT – do not use the STARTEAM | PULL SOLUTION. As the solution was previously under source control this option will not work correctly.

  5. Right-click the solution file in the Solution Explorer window, and click STARTEAM | MANAGE ASSOCIATIONS

StarTeam Associations (un-bound)

  • Highlight your solution file, and press the EDIT button and enter the details of your existing StarTeam Server

StarTeam Server

This must be the same server and project as your existing code (used with the SCC integration), if you want to place the solution in a different server / project then you should use the PLACE SOLUTION option. However you will lose all history as it will be a new StarTeam project

  • Press "OK" and your solution will now be associated with the selected StarTeam Server – you now need to also associate each of your projects

StarTeam Associations (part bound)

If the project is to be stored in the same location (project / view, etc.) as your solution file, then simply check the USE SOLUTION box for each project to use the same association, otherwise press EDIT and repeat step 5 for each of your projects.

  • Once complete, press "OK" to close the "Manage Associations" window – it will now place your solution & projects into source control using the Borland StarTeam Integration.

    StarTeam Solution in Source

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