How to Setup Access Rights on the StarFlow Extensions Project.



How to Setup Access Rights on the StarFlow Extensions Project.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x Elite
  • All Platforms


This article will describe the minimum access rights required for normal end users of StarTeam in an Elite enabled environment.


In order for users to be able to leverage the power of Elite through the use of custom workflows and Alternate Property Editors (APEs), the users require some basic rights to the StarFlow Extensions project on the server in which they are using StarTeam Elite. The best way to modify the access rights on this particular project is through the use of the Project Access Rights settings. Using the Project Access Right dialogue ensure the All Users group has the following rights:

  • Under Projects Tab
    a. See Project and its properties
  • Under Views Tab
    a. See View and its properties
  • Under Child Folders
    a. See Folders and its properties
  • Under Files Tab
    a. See Files and its properties
    b. See File History
    c. Check Out files

Under the remaining tabs - Tasks, Topics and Requirements - the StarTeam Administrator can block access to the users. If you have questions regarding these settings please contact Product Support at 800.523.7070 or via email at

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