StarTeam Server appears to be hung during startup



StarTeam Server appears to be hung during startup


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2008
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows, Linux (2008)

I have a configuration that appears to be hung on startup. It is stuck at the step at which the security manager/Purge audit entries is supposed to load/run.

There are really two spots where the Server startup may appear to freeze. The Security Manager is the first spot. What is happening here is that the system security manager is loading all the info it needs to perform its functions. If your security scheme, userbase, and access rights are very extensive, then this might take a while to load. On some larger StarTeam configurations, it has been known to take up to an hour sometimes.

The other spot is during the audit purge. This process is cleaning out the audit data from the database that you see in the Audit tab in the CPC. The default cleaning time is everything older than 90 days. If your server has not been restarted in quite some time, it will take a while to clean this data. For example, if you restart every day, it only has to clean 1 day, so it runs pretty quickly depending on that day"s activity. If you only restart 1 time every six months, then it will have to clean out everything for the six months prior to the 90 day cutoff. This could take an extreme amount of time.

What the Administrator needs to do in cases where they see an extreme slow down in the startup, is to monitor the server process in PerfMon or a similar tool, and make sure it is still running, and wait. It will eventually startup. It just really depends on the server configuration size and how long between restarts.

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