What is a StarTeam Change Package?



What is a StarTeam Change Package?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2009
  • Product Component: VCM
  • Platform/OS Version: All

A Change Package is an object that contains a set of changes applied to a target view. To create a Change Package, a user first starts a VCM session, which acts as a staging area where changes are defined, reviewed, and tested.

StarTeam has historically provided many features that support change management (CM), including

  • built-in workflow
  • customizable workflow
  • process links
  • process tasks
  • View Compare/Merge (VCM)

Now, StarTeam 2009 adds a comprehensive Change Package feature which allows you to track all changes made in a single commit using a Change Package object.

As a result of this new feature, VCM now uses Change Packages instead of VCM process tasks as it has in the past. Change Packages are a Change Management feature that improves StarTeam ability to manage and track updates. Change packages are an evolution of the View Compare/Merge (VCM) feature first introduced in the StarTeam 2006 release.

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