Targeting Stories for a Release


During Release Planning, product owners and managers review the backlogs and choose which stories need to be included in the release. This is made easier by tagging stories so they can be filtered by theme or type in the backlog view. The progress data for the stories will be used to calculate the Release Progress and Release Burnup charts on the Release Tracking view. 

Note: You have to create the release before you can target stories for a particular release. 

  1. From the Backlog view, select the story or stories you want to target for a release. Use ctrl click to select more than one story. 
  2. Click the Actions in the top right menu bar. 
  3. Under Target Release, select the appropriate release. The name of the targeted release will appear in the Target Release column for the minimized story cards in the backlog. 
To change the targeted release for a story, select the story and choose a different release. 
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