ERROR: Cannot launch association



ERROR: Cannot launch association


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 2.1
  • MS Developer Studio


When a file is double clicked in the StarTeam client GUI, StarTeam will invoke the Windows association list to find which third party application to launch to read the file, based on that file"s extension. In the case of MS Development Studio, there needs to be an open action which is what is expected for the ShellExecute method to execute properly. This is
association is not created by the default installation of MS Developer Studio, and has to be manually created.


In order to add the association:

Under Windows NT 4: Open Windows Explorer, Select View | Options, select the File Types tab.

Under Windows 2000: Go to Control Panel, doubel click Folder Options, select the File Types tab.

Select the Registered file types that are having the problem (individually) by double clicking them.

First click the "Open With MSDev" and then the Edit... button
Ctrl C to copy the "Application used to perform action:" text
click Cancel button
click New... button
Action: open
Application used to perform action: Ctrl V to paste the info into the second text box
click OK button
click OK button
click OK button

The .cpp extension should now launch when you double click it from StarTeam 2.1

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