An introduction to StarTeam VCM tool


On this video we will demonstrate the following:

VCM Merge Types:
There are 3 types of merge operations and 1 compare operation in a VCM session:

You can only use 1 merge type for each VCM session but you can perform as many VCM sessions as you like in any order.

When to use each merge type:
Each of the VCM merge types is intended to be used in specific scenarios. Which merge type you choose for a particular VCM session depends on what you are trying to merge.

Use a Rebase merge to “catch-up” a child view with changes that have occurred in the parent view.

Use a promote merge to “deliver” changes in a child view to its parent.

Replicate simply allows you to duplicate your work across different view which does not necessarily have to be in the same project.

Compare Only:
This simply allows you to compare the contents of one view against another, or between two different configurations of the same view.

Video tutorial:
Let’s take a look at the StarTeam client and open a vcm sessions. As you can see you can select your available merge option from the drop down menu,

Promote > Rebase > Replicate > Compare only

Lets looks at the compare only option < this will compare the source view against the target view.


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