Getting started with StarTeam


Thank you for trying out StarTeam! Installing the StarTeam Server and Client are quick and easy, and you’ll soon discover that setting up, single sourcing, and managing your projects is just as simple.

To install StarTeam:



  1. To install the Server Administration tool with the Cross Platform Client, launch the downloaded.exe or tar.gz installer file depending on the operating system you are using.
  2. Follow the setup wizard and confirm all default settings by clicking either Next or OK on each dialog.
  3. On the Choose Install Set dialog, select Custom and select Cross Platform Client on the next dialog.
  4. Click Next to continue to complete the evaluation installation.
    The first time you run the Server, an evaluation license is created for StarTeam Enterprise Advantage, which is the edition of StarTeam with the largest feature set. The Evaluation version grants you full product functionality for 30 days.
    If you chose to install SSE during the installation, you will have a sample configuration called StarDraw.
  5. Launch the Server Administration Tool to access the StarDraw configuration or create a new server configuration. 

Administrators should refer to the Installing the Server section in the StarTeam Installation Guide for detailed instructions on starting the StarDraw configuration and configuring a new server where project files will be stored.

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In order to view project files in the Client, you must have access to the StarTeam Server that stores the files. This Server is defined by your StarTeam Administrator.

Click on the image to the left to watch a video that explains how to add a StarTeam Server in the Client for you to get started and access project files.


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After the Server is added in the Client, it is available and ready for you to access. Click on the image to the left to watch a 3-minute overview of how to connect to the Server from a Client.

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Click on the image to the left to watch a video that highlights the key capabilities of StarTeam that can help your organization go beyond just source control.



After you have connected the Client to the Server, you are ready to begin using StarTeam. Check out the following resources to help you get started with using StarTeam for your team’s change management needs.

All tutorials and supplemental documentation can also be accessed through the start menu:


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