StarTeam health check program


Hello StarTeam users and administrators

Micro Focus has started an outreach program to try and talk to all of our customers.
As part of this outreach we are actively wanting to talk to as many StarTeam customers as possible around a variety of topics such as:

  • StarTeam deployment & health check
  • Best Practices
  • STCMD line updates
  • New feature requests
  • StarTeam Roadmap
  • Embracing freeware and integrations
  • CAB updates
  • Any of other topics you want to discuss but ultimately this is about ensuring that you are getting the best return of investment with our product.

If you have 30 to 60 minutes to talk to us please drop me an email

Best regards



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    Thanks David,

    I started writing up a document with a rather lengthy introduction explaining how we are setup (branching architecture), the processes we use, and the tools I've created with the SDK to help me. After that, I will enumerate whatever is still costing  me  long time or is prone to error, and we can discuss if a change in  product, or in process is of the order.

    I just saw something this morning, which I will post to the community right now (I was about to do it, when I saw your message)

    Thanks again for being attentive to your users.



    Hi Patrick
    Lets line up a session in the coming weeks, feel free to drop me and Anil an email with some availability and we can setup the meeting.

    I agree with your points, StarTeam is very wide and deep and can be used in a plethora of different ways, so sometimes a best practice or a steer in the right direction will help. We are very happy to listen to all of our customers and see how they have implemented StarTeam and processes behind their development efforts.

    Thanks David



    Thank you for this initiative. With a wide range of users comes a wide range of realities. Micro Focus may not have a possible solution, but can learn a lot from the different ways their product is being used. I will be sure to enumerate my issues and suggestions to see if and how they can be addressed.