How To Upgrade StarTeam Extensions and the StarFlow Extensions Project.



How To Upgrade StarTeam Extensions and the StarFlow Extensions Project.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • All versions of StarTeam Extensions


When upgrading to a newer version of the StarTeam Extensions and the StarFlow Extensions Project project the question arises over what files are required at a minimum for the upgrade.


StarTeam Extensions are extensions to StarTeam that make up StarTeam Enterprise Advantage; the StarFlow Extensions project is the major component of the implementation of StarTeam Extensions

The installation of the StarTeam Extension comprises of four different installation sets divided between two groups, either an executable or a zip file they install the exact same files they are:

  • or SECaliberRM.exe
  • StarTeam Extensions Documentation. zip or StarTeam Extensions Documentation.exe
  • StarTeam Extensions or StarTeam Extensions Samples.exe
  • StarTeam Extensions. zip or StarTeam Extensions.exe contains the files necessary for the importing of requirements from CaliberRM to StarTeam, the default location is Impreq\.

StarTeam Extensions Documentation extracts to a StarFlow Extensions project folder called "Documentation" under a root folder StarFlow Extensions, see Fig 1.


Fig 1

This folder deals strictly with the StarTeam Extensions API.

StarTeam Extensions Samples creates the following folder structure, under the root folder StarFlow Extensions, see Fig 2:


Fig 2

These file are sample files only for use as a starting point for creating custom java forms.

StarTeam Extensions installs creates the following folder structure under the root folder StarFlow Extension, see Fig 3.


Fig 3

In broad terms adding the folder StarFlow Extensions and associated children folders to an Enterprise Advantage StarTeam server is what enables StarTeam Extensions to take advantage of custom forms, workflows, notifications and associated capabilities. All folders are not necessary but may/may not be required depending what is desired.

Question: What files do I need?

If you are doing importing of requirements you will need to extract the SECaliberRM files to your desired location, they are not added to the StarFlow Extension project.

If you are creating new forms you will need to install the StarFlow Extensions Samples files, if you wish to add them to the StarFlow Extensions project for version control purposes you may do so. It is not necessary to add these files if you already have existing custom forms. There is no reason to add the samples files to your production StarFlow Extensions project.

If you are doing work involving the StarTeam Extensions API you can add the the StarFlow Extensions Documentation files to your StarFlow Extensions project for distribution purposes. Delete your existing Documentation folder and re-add the newly created Documentation folder created by extracting StarTeam Extensions Documentation

StarTeam Extensions files ( refer to Fig 3) are the ONLY REQUIRED files that need to be upgraded. Delete the files in the working directories for the Client, Projects and Utilities folders. Once done, doing an Update Status in StarTeam on these folder will tell you of new files ( Not In View), unchanged files (Current), updated files ( Modified) and files that are no longer used or custom files added by the user( Missing). Check in or add the files to StarFlow Extensions Project. Since the appropriate .jar ,.workflow.xml and .propertyeditor.xml already exist as checked in files in the correct Project/View folder structure in or under the "Projects" folder in the StarFlowExtensions project it is not necessary to worry if the files are deleted from the working directory.

It is not necessary to recompile existing jar files.

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