Can I merge my two StarTeam hives/vaults/archives into one?



Can I merge my two StarTeam hives/vaults/archives into one?



Sometimes it is necessary to create a second hive due to disk space issues or some other issue. After additional disk space is found or a new larger disk drive is purchased, the question may come up if the two hives could be joined or combined back into one hive.


Once a new hive is created, the old hive is normally closed off to new archives. What"s in there now will still be accessed, but any new archives will be written to the new hive. There are also some cases where multiple hives are created to balanced disk use across multiple drives. In this instance, StarTeam will do a "round-robin" add for files, where it adds files to each hive in turn before returning to the first hive..

Currently, there is no way to combine two separate StarTeam hives. This would involve changes to the database that are not safe and could cause corruption if anything went wrong during the process.

Combining hives is not necessary as it is very easy to re-locate the hive to another drive, so it is possible to put both hives on the same hard drive if that is the desired goal.

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