Borland License Server and StarTeam FAQ



Borland License Server and StarTeam FAQ


  • Product Name: StarTeam and Borland License Server
  • Product Version: 2008
  • Platform/OS Version: All Supported OS

Q1: Is Borland License Server (BLS) free?

A1: The Borland License Server is provided at no additionalcharge as the cost is by client seats for either Named or Concurrentusers.

Q2: If the License manager is offline can clients still connect using cached information?

A2: The license server must be running in order for ST to obtaina license...ST Server still manages the Client connections, while theST Server itself is a client to the BLS for the number of users thatare allowed to connect. ST clients would not be able to connect to theserver if BLS was not available. ST clients however can still open theST interface on the local machine to manage files and workingdirectories though they would not be able to connect to the ST serverto checkin/checkout files or get updated status" of files.

Q3: When we put in the slips for the License server does thatremove the named licenses from the local user accounts?

A3: The users will remain, though you will need to reassign usersto the new license type....From user manager you may have usersassigned to named license seats, though once you implement BLS you willneed to reassign users to named xxxxx licenses where xxxxx representsthe License Certificate # you are hosting on BLS.

NOTE: If you have any additional questions, please contact Borland Support.

Author: Donnie Nix

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