StarTeam 13.0 Server update1 HF3 is now available


Hi all
The latest release of the 13.0 server has been released.

  • Notification emails splits the subject lines incorrectly. Sometimes the emails contains junk characters at the end of the email message
  • Performance optimization for GetViewProperties and GetProjectViews commands.
  • Fixed Vault Verify error: Exception occurred: MD5 select query failed
  • VCM Utility fix: error handling for case where sessions that are not committable.
  • Fix for issue with user unable to see manual links created in a Reference View if they are denied access to the Parent View.
  • Fixed upgrade issue when adding new properties
  • Fixed errors creating views based on label configuration. ( RPI 1089471 )
  • Corrected the check for NLS_LANG setting for Oracle databases.
  • Resolved performance issues with VCM sessions based off a promotion state (attached to a label).
  • Fix server start error for Oracle when locale is not English.
  • VCM Utility: introduced new parameters DifferenceReport and UpdateReport

The installers are available from customer support or you can get these on the support line product update page


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