Created On:  19 May 2010


Borland License Server (BLS) failed to start and logged the error message "Configuration file server_***.slip does not match the server" in the info.log file.

BLS failed to start with the following error messages recorded in the info.log:

YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss,*** [main:info] BSlipManager initialization failed, program aborted
YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss,*** [main:info] Configuration file server_***.slip does not match the server
Hosting was performed incorrectly, or the configuration file belongs to another server.
The file lock ( does not match the server lock (hostname).


When BLS (also known as Belise) is started, it will compare the hostname entry in the license slip file (server_***.slip) against the server's hostname as determined by BLS. If the entries do not match, the error message "Configuration file server_***.slip does not match the server" will be recorded in the info.log file and BLS will terminate.

Note that one should use the following technique to obtain the server's hostname instead of assuming the hostname to be servername.domain. Making the wrong assumption is a frequent cause of this error.

To obtain the correct hostname, please run the following command under "bin" folder of BLS working directory:

For Windows XP, 2003, Vista:
belise host

For Solaris and Linux: host

Please send the returned result to Micro Focus Customer Care and request for a license rehost.

Incident #2449181