Borland StarTeam - Configuring the Borland Search Server


This video provides a step-by-step guide to configuring the Borland StarTeam Search Server.

In this video demonstration we are going to look at how to configure the Borland Search Services to search for StarTeam database content.

To access this page go to: http://localhost:port_name/bss/admin And log in using the credentials you have set up: Default: Administrator/Administrator

To begin setting up your search you will need to configure a data source. You have the option to choose from Caliber, custom and StarTeam, I will use StarTeam. You will then be asked to enter the StarTeam Server details: Hostname: <ip address> <endpoint> which the starteam is running on and the name of it.

Once the Search detects the instance, it will then ask you to log in. (using StarTeam user credentials) ideally admin.

Once the credentials have been accepted you will then be asked to select projects/ views which you would like to search. I have only a sample project with 3 views. You will then need to select the items you want to extract:

Once you have selected your projects/views you can then view your active processes

Extractor & real time indexer After a refresh we can see these are in progress. You can also check at the bottom of the web page the refresh time rate.

Once the extractor completes you can continue.

Our next step is to try search for some data.  You can either type in the URL http://localhost:8080/bss/search or click on the “search now” option in the menu. You will then have to log in again with your credentials. Now you can finally test drive the search tool. You should start off with an easy query to get you started. There is a query build tool available to help you refine your search. I will use, records that are entered by the admin.

Click find to search using your query and the results will appear below.

There are hyperlinks which will allow you to view the properties of the components.



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