What do the options 'In this view' and 'In all views on connected servers' in the link pane of the CPC mean?


In the links tab there are two options.

1. 'In this view' is a performance enhancement that only shows 'external links' or traces, it does not display old style links that were created manually before the introduction of change packages.

This was introduced to make retrieval much faster.

2. "In all views on connected servers' will show links and traces and can be expensive in terms of the time needed to return the data to the client.

The option to filter out old style links was included to improve performance, the traces are now cached in memory. This was included in 14.0 Update 2 CPC

The release notes state:

"Introduced a new default radio button in the links pane to display current view traces, which does not require a server command to fetch traces for each item. (performance improvement)"

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