IIS 5.0 Parameters for StarTeam WebEdition



IIS 5.0 Parameters for StarTeam WebEdition


When StarTeam Web Edition is used with IIS 5.0, the "Internet Service Manager" parameters for the website should be set as follows:

I. Web Site tab

- Uncheck the "Enable Logging" option

- Check the "HTTP Keep-Alives enabled"

II. Performance tab

- Set the "Number of hits expected per day" to the highest value.

- Uncheck "Enable bandwidth throttling"

- Uncheck "Enable process throttling"

III. Home Directory tab

- Uncheck the "Log visits" option.

- Uncheck "Index this resource" option.

- Application protection should be set to "High (isolated)"

- Configuration button:

1. App Options tab

- Check the "Enable buffering" option

2. Process Options tab

- Uncheck "Write unsuccessful client requests to event log"

- Uncheck "Enable debug exception catching"

- Set "Number of script engines cached" to 1000

- Under "Script File Cache" select "Cache all requested ASP files"

3. App Debugging tab

- Uncheck the "Enable ASL server-side script debugging"

- Uncheck the "Enable ASP client-side script debugging"

IV. Server Extensions tab

- Uncheck the "Enable authoring" option.

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