Why am I not receiving mail notifications from StarTeam?



Why am I not receiving mail notifications from StarTeam?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: All
  • Product Component: Notification Agent
  • Platform/OS Version: All


Why am I not receiving any mail notifications when I make changes to my workflow in StarTeam? The workflow is correctly configured to send mail to users when changes are made to the workflow.


This error can be caused by your anti-virus software blocking the default mail port (usually 25) from sending outbound mail notifications. Check your anti-virus software and its associated setting for blocking ?mass mailing worms? as it may inadvertently detect StarTeam as one of these. You can verify this by checking the StarTeam Server log for entries similar to:

Exception thrown from Unknown: Class = StSmtpException, Code = 1(0x00000001) Msg = SMTP: Open failure.
[SMTP Failure] = The connection was refused by the server

(This can also show in the logs as ?SMTP Open failure: Software caused a connection abort?)

You can either turn this anti-virus functionality off (not recommended), or add StarTeam (& StarTeam Notification Agent) to the ?excluded? list. This should allow StarTeam to be recognised as a valid mail sender.

Please note, as all anti-virus software differs, please refer to your appropriate documentation to modify these settings.

Author: Andrew Thompson

Old KB# 27845
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