How to enable Extreme Verbose logging on the StarTeam Server


This article outlines the procedure for enabling the extreme verbose logging on the StarTeam Server.
This can be very useful in diagnosing CPC, Server performance and should only be enabled for a short period of time and at the request of support team. 

  1. First shut down the Server configuration
  2. Locate the starteam-server-configs.xml located within the installation directory of the StarTeam Server.
  3. Edit the xml file using a text editor and locate the following option (if the option does not exist then simply add it in): <option name="VerboseLevel" value="6"/>
  4. Save and close the file and start the StarTeam server configuration back up.

Word of caution:

Note that being an extreme level of verbose logging the log file will grow very large very quick which is why this setting is only a temporary measure until the issue has be re-created at which point the server should be shut down and this value should be set to “0” or whatever setting it was prior to the change.



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