How can I bulk update Status's for CRs in Starteam 13 using stcmd?


This functionality has been added in the current release of the SDK ( and will be available in all versions subsequent to this. It is now possible to be able to update a list of CRs using a delimited text file. The syntax is as follows ;

stcmd update ChangeRequest  from c:\\crs.txt separator , -p "Administrator:Administrator@localhost:49201/Test"

The file 'crs.txt' will be a list of comma delimited values with the heading ChangeNumber, Status e.g.

ChangeNumber, Status

Where 'ChangeNumber' is the CR number to be update and 'Status' is an enumerated value representing a status (as listed below). The above will result in CRs 1,2 and 3 being changed to status 'deferred'

The following syntax may also be used incorporating the field names into the command line rather than the input file. However if  this format is to be used the first line of the input file must be left blank rather than contain headers.

update ChangeRequest (ChangeNumber,Status) from c:\\crs.txt separator , -p “Administrator:Administrator@localhost:49201/Test”

The following is a list of the enumerated values which represent each of the available status's.

0 - Open
1 - In Progress
2 - Deferred
3 - Cannot Reproduce
4 - As Designed
5 - Fixed
6 - Documented
7 - Is Duplicate
8 - Verified Deferred
9 - Verified Cannot Reproduce
10 - Verified As Designed
11 - Verified Fixed
12 - Verified Documented
13 - Verified Is Duplicate
14 - Closed Deferred
15 - Closed Cannot Reproduce
16 - Closed As Designed
17 - Closed Fixed
18 - Closed Documented


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