StarTeam 2009 CPC patch 21 available for download


StarTeam 2009 CPC patch 21 is now available for download.

The following fixes are contained in patch 21 (build STARTEAM EXTENSIONS BUILD 11.0.017 (PATCH 3) REQUIRED; ALSO USE FILE COMPARE/MERGE BUILD 11.0.35 (PATCH 2)

(SDK)  Resolved the problem that occurred when running a VCM Compare from the Source view producing different results than when run from the Target view.

(SDK)  Unicode support has been added for Mixed EOL as binary. 

(SDK)  File Status on checkout is no longer changed if the file is locked by an external process like Microsoft Word and the checkout fails.

(SDK)  Changing the default action on a folder in VCM has been corrected to now propagate to all child items, for views defined off the non-root folder of the parent view. 

(SDK) Resolved the issue of the ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception being thrown while streaming on an Italian Client locale.


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