Managing the breakdown view


StarTeam Agile Backlog Breakdown View

The Backlog Breakdown View has been introduced to replace and enhance the Hierarchy View.   The new breakdown view allows users to not only organise and manage your hierarchies but it also allows you to track progress of children items within a hierarchy.

Filtering by entire hierarchy

In StarTeam Agile 1.0 users could only filter on top level items.  This meant child items could be missed when filtering the backlog.  In Agile 2.0 filtering will return complete hierarchy.

 Diagram:  Displaying backlog with Parent\ Child Story.


Diagram:  Filter searching for phrase within a Child item.

Filtering by Sprint

Sprints are now part of the filtering criteria so users can pinpoint Stories allocated to a particular Sprint.  Stories that are Child items will be displayed in the search results.

Diagram: Sprint filtering capabilities introduced.


Hiding committed Stories

In the Agile Breakdown View users have the ability to hide committed Stories.  This means that Stories that have been assigned to a Sprint will not be displayed in the backlog.  This allows users to prioritise and manage the backlog and view which Stories are not yet part of any Sprints.

 Diagram:  Hiding committed Stories.

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