Created On:  04 May 2010


When attempting to run the StarTeam Notification Agent as a Windows Service, it failed and recorded the following error message in the log file, NAService.log:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/starbase/util/SortCompare


The Windows Service could have been corrupted. This can be resolved by re-configuring the Notification Agent service:

1. Re-examine NotificationAgentService.bat to make sure all the path settings are correct.

2. Launch command prompt.

3. Goto "Java Service" folder under Notification Agent working directory.

4. Run the following command:

JavaService.exe -uninstall [NOTIFICATIONAGENT Service]


JavaService.exe -uninstall NotificationAgent

5. Restart the machine. (This step cannot be omitted)

6. Run NotificationAgentService.bat

7. Launch Services from Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

8. Find notification agent service as stated in NotificationAgentService.bat.

9. Right-click on the NotificationtAgent service and select “Start” to run the service.
Incident #2441673