StarTeam SDK 13.0 Update 1 HF1 has now been released


StarTeam SDK 13.0 Update 1 HF1 has now been release.
The following fixes are contained in patch 1 (build

  • The issue resulting in the client error, "Internal application error: The Label parameter "lbl" was null." has been resolved.
  • Resolved the issue of a NullPointerException received when trying to resolve a URL to an Audit.
  • The issue with a memory leak in native StarTeam.FileAccess.dll has been resolved.
  • New VCM optimization added that allows commits of large VCM sessions without the context of a multi-command transaction. For more information on this feature, check the Micro Focus Web site for the most recent version of the StarTeam 13.0 Update 1 Release Notes at
  • Resloved the NullPointerException in CommandProcessor checkout event handler.      

The full SDK is available for download here


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