StarTeam Server 2008 R2 patch #6, build



StarTeam Server 2008 R2 patch #6, build


StarTeam Server 2008 R2 Patch #6 build is for StarTeam Server for Windows only. This patch is specific to the Oracle database and is unlikely to provide any difference when used with Microsoft SQL Server as StarTeam database.

Installation instructions
To install StarTeam Server 2008 R2 patch #6 Build follow these steps:
-> Download the patch from below links to your local machine.

Product FTP Server
Server English Release
Server German Release
Server French Release
Server Japanese Release

-> Locate the server.exe file.
-> Double-click the file and follow the directions on the screen.
The default installation location is C:\ProgramFiles\Borland\StarTeam Server 2008 R2.
Note: This is a full installation and will replace all program files in the server installation folder.


The following fixes were contained in patch #6:

CR# Description
CR# 51,662 Addresses a situation where the StarTeam server crashes with a Memory Allocation Error in high volume environments, after an upgrade from StarTeam 2008 to StarTeam 2008 Release 2, when using the Oracle database. This fix reverts the IDS Cache behavior to use the StarTeam 2008 methods.

In addition to this fix, Borland recommends the use of Oracle Metalink patch #7631980 if using the Oracle database for StarTeam.

This patch is cumulative and therefore contains all bug fixes in previous patches. For complete list of bug fixes in this patch please visit Release Notes.

Old KB# 29924
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