StarTeam failover in a Cluster Environment



StarTeam failover in a Cluster Environment


StarTeam failover in a Cluster Environment

Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.x and later
  • Windows Cluster


StarTeam is not formally supported in the cluster environment, but it can take advantage of some of the functionality of a single active instance cluster.


Each StarTeam instance (configuration) can be accessed by a single process only. This means that StarTeam can not use clustering for load balancing on a single instance or for failover/hot standby. However, it is relatively easy to place the StarTeam persistent data (Database Vault) on shared disks, accessible by two identically-configured StarTeam Servers (i.e., same release builds, same config files, etc.) Then, if a primary system fails, "failover" consists of starting the ST server process on the secondary system. This "warm" failover would typically take minutes (15 or less for most StarTeam instances). Clients will see a disconnect and will have to reconnect to the secondary system. If DNS is updated so that the second system assumes the primary"s host name, clients would be able to connect to the same host name and not be aware that the host was switched.


* Each local drive would need the StarTeam Server installed and properly registered. They will also need a copy of the appropriate configuration file(s) (starteam-server-configs.xml for StarTeam 5.4 - 6.0, StarBaseServer.ini for 5.1 - 5.3, .scg and .cph files for 4.x )

** The Shared Storage (w/ own failover protection) houses the StarTeam Vault including the Archive, Attachments and etc

*** The StarTeam database is housed on separate machine (w/ own failover protection) running Oracle or MS SQL Server

In the event of a failure of the primary machine, Server 1, the StarTeam Server would just need to be started on the secondary machine, Server 2. The maximum downtime should be equal to the time necessary to start the StarTeam Server on the secondary machine, Server 2.

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