Setting up AutoAlert to send e-mail



How do I set up AutoAlert to send e-mail to people when items that require their attention are logged in TrackRecord?


To set up AutoAlert, a user with Administrative rights must to do the following:

  1. Make sure that each user who will receive AutoAlert e-mail has been associated with an item in the Team Member type and that the e-mail address in the User Administrator is correct.
  2. Create a mail query. This is done by setting up a query that returns a value for all fields that require an e-mail to be sent to a particular person.
  3. Click the Options button at the top of the query window to open the Query options window. For the owner, select the individual who will be receiving the returned items in the query. Select Not Shared and also select the E-mail Me When New Items Match This Query checkbox.
  4. Open AutoAlert from the Compuware > TrackRecord program group.

  • AutoAlert will poll the database over an interval that is set by the user. If any item returned by a mail query differs from a previously sent item, that item is sent out via e-mail to the owner of the query.
Old KB# 10931
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