How to split StarTeam configuration



How to split StarTeam configuration


  • Product Name: Starteam
  • Product Version: 2008/2008 R2
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows 2003


My StarTeam server is running at machine capacity limit and consuming too much memory and as a result, Server is crashing for every few days with memory allocation error. I was told to split the configuration so that the amount of data per server that is cached will be half. But what is the procedure to split the configuration?


The basic process of splitting config involves moving set of projects from one server to a new one as follows:

1. Perform a full dump (DB archive) of the server configuration to be split.

2. Restore the database and archive on a secondary system.

3. Change the server GUID on the secondary system (Visit KB article How to change server GUID in 2005,2005R2,2006 to do this).

4. Delete the unwanted projects on the secondary system.

5. Run the StarTeam purge utility on the secondary system to clean-up deleted database records and vault files.

6. Verify the secondary system via vault-verify, testing, etc.

7. Deleted the original (now ???cloned???) project(s) from the original server.

8. Run the purge utility on the original server to return database and archive space.

Depending on the size of the server configuration, this process can take many hours, so plan to do it over a weekend or other down time. The degree to which you succeed with this process depends largely on the autonomy of the projects that you ???move???. Shares between the moved and unmoved projects will reduce the amount of information that can be cleaned-up during the purge.

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