StarTeam Agile has arrived!


Managing Agile teams with StarTeam has never been so easy... or so rewarding.

Agile development has become mainstream, but finding ways to integrate Agile practices alongside more traditional approaches can prove frustrating, as developer freedom conflicts with management insight.

StarTeam users already realize the value of having a robust change management platform supporting their software delivery practices, giving much-needed visibility throughout the lifecycle.

With StarTeam’s new Agile support, StarTeam users will find it easier than ever before to:

  • Organize, prioritize and manage their Agile teams’ product backlogs
  • Plan their sprints, task out the work and then track progress through the sprint
  • Get comprehensive visibility of all their Agile assets

In Beta since May 2012, our new agile product brings highly intuitive planning and tracking for all user stories, tasks, teams, sprints and more, in an easy-to-use interface that’s fully integrated with your existing StarTeam platform.

To see StarTeam Agile in action , please see this video below:

StarTeam Agile is generally available from September 28th 2012.


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