Linux Local file permissions changed after check out


The file permissions on files checked out using the StarTeam Client on RedHat have different permissions to the files that were checked in. Files that were checked in with permissions of 775 are being checked out with permissions of 644. 

This can be resolved by ensuring that the Native File Access .so file is present in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This will ensure that the correct file permissions are being read in by StarTeam during check-in.

Files which have already been checked in may hold incorrect permissions as they were not read in correctly on check-in this, can be resolved by:

  1. Right click on the file
  2. Choose "Properties"
  3. Ensure that the correct check boxes for file permissions are selected / unselected
  4. Check the file out again with the “force checkout” option

The local files should now hold the correct permissions.

If file permission problems persist please contact technical support.


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