Created On:  12 August 2010


How do you prevent users from changing the default working directory of a folder?


1. Log into CPC as Administrator.

2. Select the folder you want to deny access to.

3. Go to Folder Tree > Advanced > Access Rights

4. The folder 'Access Rights' dialog box will appear. Ensure the correct folder name is in the title bar that you wish to deny to deny access to.

5. In the categories list select 'This Folder'.

6. In the 'Users and Groups' list add the Users or Groups to the list with the 'Grant' type.

7. In the 'Rights' list you can grant users' permission to items to which you wish to grant them access or to items you wish to deny them access. In this particular scenario you do not want users to change the default working directory of the folder, so do not check Modify Properties.

8. Save your changes.

9. To validate the access right the user will be able to go into the Properties of the folder and it will appear as if they can change the working directory. However, when they go to save the change it will generate the error 'You do not have access rights to perform this operation'.
Incident #2470174