Updating Tasks on the Teamboard


During Sprint Planning, stories are broken down into tasks. Because Scrum Teams are self-organizing, how task distribution is handled can vary from team to team. Some teams assign tasks at the beginning of the sprint. Other teams allow team members to pick up tasks as they complete other tasks.

The stories in a sprint are organized on the teamboard with all of the associated tasks starting in the To Do column. Throughout the sprint, the Scrum Team updates their status by moving the Task Cards to either the In Progress or Finished column. The amount of time spent working on a task as well as the estimated amount of time remaining can also be updated. When a task is blocked, a red flag will appear on the card so everyone knows there is an issue. At the beginning of the sprint, all of the tasks will be in the To Do column.

  1. Click on the name of a task to open the task card. Select your name from the Owner drop down list.
  2. If the estimated number of hours to complete was not entered during Sprint Planning, you may enter it now in the Est. Hours field. These hours are used to calculate the sprint and story burndown charts. 
  3. To use the Task Time Sheet to record the actual number of hours spent working on the task.
    1. Click the Date Started field and select the date from the calendar.
    2. Enter the number of hours spent on the task.
    3. Enter the estimated number hours necessary to complete the task.
    4. To add additional hours to the Task Timesheet, click the to add another row above. Select the date and enter the number of hours spent and the number of hours remaining.
  4. If a task is blocked, slide the Blocked button to the right. To unblock a story, slide the button the left. Blocking a story will mark the task with a red Blocked flag on the teamboard. It will also start a discussion with the team based on the information entered in the Reason Blocked dialog. 
  5. Click Save or Save and Close.
  6. On the Teamboard, click and drag the card to either the In Progress or Finished column. The Story Card status will automatically update to either Started or Complete, depending on the status of the other tasks in the story.
StarTeam Agile Administrators can create customized task statuses that will be applied to all new projects. Project Administrators can also customize task status values for their project based on the values added by StarTeam Agile Administrators. 

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