StarTeam Support Statements for Virtual Hardware



StarTeam Support Statements for Virtual Hardware


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 R2 and above
  • Product Component: Server, Client, Integrations
  • Platform/OS Version: All supported OS

Many virtual hardware environments are now available from a variety of vendors. While Borland leverages virtual hardware environments in testing, we leave certification of compatibility of virtual hardware environments to the virtual environment vendor. Borland certifies StarTeam products on certain operating systems (including Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.), not on specific hardware configurations. Therefore, as long as a customer configures a virtual hardware environment, such as VMware, with supported operating systems, Borland will treat them as though they are independent (non-virtual) systems and provide full support.

Borland’s support team will attempt to resolve issues using our own environments with the same operating system. We will treat virtual hardware environments in a similar manner to any other non-virtual hardware system. That is, we will likely configure independent systems with a supported operating system and attempt to replicate a customer"s problem. In the event that we cannot replicate an issue on separate systems using the same OS, we will look to the virtual hardware enviroment and/or the OS vendor to address the problem. In addition, the customer may be asked to reproduce the problem running natively on the certified OS, without the use of a virtual hardware environment


Borland recognizes the growing presence of virtual hardware environments, such as VMware, in customer environments. The virtual hardware environment software resides in the system layer underneath the operating system and is used by customers to partition and virtualize their server hardware. Borland supports StarTeam products running on a specific set of supported operating systems, when those operating systems are running in a virtual hardware environment.

Borland StarTeam supported operating systems can be found in the StarTeam Installation Guide for each release. The documentation for the latest StarTeam release can be found at:

Support of Virtual Hardware Environments

Borland supports customers who run Borland StarTeam products on any of their supported operating systems, irrespective of whether they are running a virtual hardware environment, such as VMware ESX Server, on their hardware system or not. Virtual hardware environments are supported as a compatible environment; Borland does not rigorously test our products inside virtual hardware environments.

Virtual hardware environments support sets of certified operating systems and run on various hardware platforms. The customer and the virtual hardware environment vendor are responsible for any interactions and/or issues that arise at the hardware or operating system layer as a result of their use of the virtual hardware environment. The virtual hardware environment vendor provides products (eg. VMware ESX Server) for use on production servers, and others for testing and training environments. Borland can only support the production use of StarTeam products inside virtual hardware environment products that are recommended by the virtual hardware environment vendor for production use.

Troubleshooting Issues

Borland Technical Support is unable to accept virtual hardware environment images from customers as problem test cases due to licensing concerns with respect to 3rd party software products which might be included in those images.
Should Borland customers who use StarTeam products inside a virtual hardware environment experience issues, Borland customers will not be required to recreate and troubleshoot every issue in a non-virtual environment. However, Borland does reserve the right to request our customers to diagnose certain issues in a native certified operating system environment without the virtual hardware environment. Borland will only make this request when there is reason to believe that the virtual hardware environment is a contributing factor to the issue.


Borland product licensing is based on a per-user model. Customers may use any number of (virtual or physical) servers to support their licensed user population. However, adding more servers does not imply a right to add users beyond the specified licensed users.


The use of a virtual machine adds a software layer which may impact performance or scalability. Any Borland statements on expected product performance on a hardware platform cannot be interpreted to apply to a virtual machine running on the same hardware platform. The virtual hardware environment vendor can provide information on how to tune your environment to maximize performance within a virtual machine.

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