The specified configuration could not be loaded. The upgrade has been aborted.



This error occurs when starting the StarTeam server after upgrading to StarTeam 13.0.

No errors are produced in the log.


To resolve this error message, open the "starteam-server-configs.xml" file in a text editor and make the following changes to your Server configuration that you are attempting to upgrade:

Edit and ensure the following XML tags are included in your configuration with the value set to blank:

  • <option name="DBPort" value=""/>
  • <option name="DBServiceName" value=""/>
  • <option name="DBSID" value=""/>

After setting the values to blank, make sure you also include the followings tags:

  • <option name="IsServerNameDSN" value ="0"/>
  • <option name="TwelveDot0Config" value ="1"/>

This will ensure that the DSN is no longer used, forcing the configuration to use a DSN-less connection.

With that you must make sure to amend your DBServer tag to correspond to your database Server Instance name and not your DSN as was previously the case.  For example:

  • <option name="DBServerName" value="[DSN_Name]"/>

will now become

  • <option name="DBServerName" value="[DB_Instance_Name]"/>

After you have made these changes and saved them, please attempt the upgrade the configuration again.


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