Debugging StarTeam Alternate Property Editors (APE)


When writing custom forms for Change Requests, Tasks or Discussions we usually face the challenge of making it work correctly in StarTeam.

In many places people tell me that it is hard, since they have to put Message Dialogs to check if the code is working as expected. But what they really need is to learn how to debug the code that is running in StarTeam.

Here is a quick how to do it.

Let´s start by creating a debug launch script.

1. Create your StarTeam launch script based on the StarTeamCP.stjava or StarTeamCP.stjava64 and add the Debug suffix to the file name.

a. Add the remote debug arguments to the options variable according to the java documentation


2. Add a remote debug configuration to your Eclipse Project.

Run>Debug Configurations...

3. To speed up your development I also recommend adding a configuration to launch StarTeam CPC from Eclipse IDE.

4. To do that create another launch script with setting the test variable value to 1 and save the file with the Test suffix.

5. Executing the test launch script you will be prompted with the command line necessary to create the configuration in Eclipse IDE.

6. Add an External Tools Configuration to launch StarTeam Client inside Eclipse IDE.

Run>External Tools>External Tools Configurations...


7. Now, every time you need to debug an APE just launch CPC from Eclipse and then start the remote debug for the APE project.

Launch CPC from Eclipse       Launch APE from Eclipse



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