Is it possible to archive a StarTeam project?



Is it possible to archive a StarTeam project?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 - 2008 R2
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: All

The recommended approach to archive a StarTeam project is to clone the StarTeam configuration and remove any unwanted projects as detailed below:

  1. Perform a full dump (Database and vault) of the server configuration.
  2. Restore the database and vault on a second system. This is the ???cloned??? configuration.
  3. How to change server GUID in 2005,2005R2,2006 on the second system. This requires both a database update and a change to the StarTeam-server-configs.xml file.
  4. Delete the unneeded project(s) from the second system.
  5. Run the StarTeam purge utility on the second system to clean-up deleted database records and vault files.
  6. Verify the integrity of the second system via VaultVerify, testing, etc.
  7. Delete the unneeded project(s) from original server which now exist on the second server.
  8. Run the purge utility on the original server to return database and archive space

Borland recommends using Consulting Services to assist with the tasks mentioned above to ensure that the project is successful and that any issues encountered can be dealt with quickly.

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